[Press Release] Crowdfunding for the Calming Board Game “ZEN Tiles” Begins

Chaga Chaga Games has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the board game “ZEN Tiles” on Tuesday, February 9, 2012. 4,900 yen (plus shipping) will get you one product.


The crowdfunding period ends at 20:59 , March 11, and the target amount is 250,000 yen.Chaga Chaga Games (Fukui Prefecture ,Japan), a board game development company, started crowdfunding for a calming board game “ZEN Tiles” on February 9, 2021 (Tuesday). For 4900 yen (plus shipping), we will send you one of our products. Backers can also support us so we can give copies of ZEN Tiles to facilities that wish to use them.

kickstarter page:
Period: 21:00, February 9, 2021 to 20:59, March 11, 2021
Target amount: 250,000 yen

What is ZEN Tiles?

ZEN Tiles is a board game launched in Japan in March 2020 that can be played by a single player to lighten the spirit in five minutes.
By placing glass Go stones on a game board made of bamboo and tenugui, you can draw your own mind.
When it was first released, specialty stores refused to carry it, saying it was not a game, but it became a hot topic on the Internet, with comments such as, “It’s a simple diary” and “It calms your mind,” and the first edition sold out within three months of its release.
It also became a hot topic in newspapers and on TV as a product that “allows you to play alone,” “relieves mental anxiety,” and “increases your sense of self-affirmation” at a time when people need to stay at home.
At a time like this, we hope to bring the Zen concept of “looking into one’s own mind” to people all over the world from Japan.

ZenTiles Basic

ZenTiles Basic
・AGE: 12+
・time: 15min
・player: 1~4
・components: Emotion Stones (Specialized Go Stones) (20)/White Go Stone(12)/Time Track (3) /Elegant marble (1) /Karesansui Tenugui (1)/Rule books (2) (Japanese, English)/Special Gold Foil Stamped Box
・gamedesign:Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Help bring ZenTiles to the community

We will be giving ZENtiles to facilities and organizations. A portion of your rewards will go towards funding these copies.
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Why back our project?

1)Zentiles will be available for 4,900 yen, 39% off the retail price that will be distributed overseas in the future.
2)As a Kickstarter backer, you will get a Kickstarter exclusive Specialized Go Stone. And each time a stretch goal is reached, more will be unlocked.
3)Your support will help us bring ZENtiles to more facilities and communities

39% off


ZenTiles Solo(mobile wooden solo version)

ZenTiles Basic (for 1 to 4 player)

Special bamboo speaker set(ZenTiles Basic + bamboo speaker “i3booo” ZenTiles Limited Edition)

Media Achievements

what is designers?

Yoichiro Kawaguchi/Game Designer
Ai Miki/The designer ( http://www.aimiki.com/)
Norihisa Enomoto/The photographer

Press kit:https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoYTwxOTSuwG-VBSMihm-FZK0Ppb?e=PW7otd

Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZenTiles
Twitter: @guchi_fukui
Instagram: chagachagagames